Boots Soltan Shimmering After Sun Gel Review

Hello beauties!

Dryness has hit my skin so hard this time, I was longing for some good moisturizer. Of course I love my Johnson’s soft cream, but I wanted to try something new. I’ve been dying to try this after I saw it and that’s when my husband surprised me with Soltan Shimmering After Sun Gel from Boots!!

Price : 4.5 GBP approx.



It comes in a really cute blue packaging which I love! I also like the flip top cap which is my fav, no mess!
Gives subtle instant shimmer
Non greasy
Easily absorbed
Non pore-blocking
Dermatologically tested



My take:

The gel itself is quite shimmery blue gel, so when you apply it you wouldn’t imagine it’s gonna leave your skin this shimmery. Once it spreads, BAM!! It leaves your face/body looking like a disco ball for a minute or two. Thankfully it doesn’t last too long. After a while it gives you just the right amount of shimmer you need for the day! It doesn’t make your skin feel sticky or greasy. The shimmer however stayed put for 4-5 hours and wore off with the sweat.

I like the smell of it, very faint aloe-floral smell. It’s not too strong!

I am not a sun person, so don’t really use it “After Sun”. I just wanted something soothing and moisturizing! Personally I didn’t find it very soothing, nor is it moisturizing! I wore this alone without any primer/moisturizer over or under it and for a while my skin felt moisturized but after about an hour it left my skin feeling stretchy dry. It was quite disappointing as I had kept my hopes high from the looks of it.

I mixed this with my favorite moisture and I noticed the shimmer lasted much longer and is currently my favorite way of wearing it. I do not recommend using this as a moisturizer or anything close to it.

Final Verdict : I am not impressed with the results. It did not break me out, however that does not change the fact that it’s not a great product! Other than the shimmer, there’s nothing that really works. I will continue to use this mixed with my moisturizer till I finish the product.

1.5 for the shimmer!


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