Salam Stores Doha Beauty Haul

Hello beautiful!

Guess what? My lovely husband took me on a surprise visit to Salam Stores straight after work yesterday! It was quite a hectic day at work, but how amazing is it when you can forget all your stress and indulge the minute you enter a luxury store!! Haha

It was my first time at Salam Stores and we chose to visit the branch at Gate Mall as it is closer to my workplace. The store itself is luxurious and I loved the ambience! They had a fairly wide range of brands to choose from. The display areas were not at all crowded, obviously because they only sell high end brands. I managed to survive the coaxing sales staff ( I was surprised one of them even told me breakouts happen ONLY because of fragrance in the product! I did not react to her comment and then she derisively asked me if I’ve even heard of the brand Clinique.. haha) and took my time to test and try various skincare products from Lancôme to Clinique to Estée Lauder. However after browsing for about 30 minutes I picked up everything I wanted, especially from the one counter where the lady was helpful and knowledgeable.

Here is a quick look at the products I purchased:


As you can see, my husband also picked up a Montblanc perfume set with after shave balm and shower gel which was also on promotion and my favorite 1 Million!

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc Emblem Set

The Montblanc perfume reminds me of the L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil, yet so classy! Absolutely love it 🙂

I was only planning to buy a good moisturizer, but luckily the Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair which I’ve been eyeing for ages was on promotion. It came with a free moisturizer and an eye cream – Yay!

I fell head over heels for the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Lotion the minute I tried it on my wrist. My wrist felt like satin after the skin absorbed this lotion. It’s absolutely heavenly! And the product comes in a 200ml bottle which will definitely last me for a good few months. I can’t wait to try it on my face! 🙂

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Lotion

I also wanted to buy the Lancôme Absolue Precious Oil as I have been seeing my friends raving about it, but I had already exceeded my budget, so thought I’ll consider buying it later. However the sales lady was kind enough to give me a sample of the oil, which I am super excited about!

Lancôme Absolue Precious Oil

See how cute the packaging is! I absolutely love the tiny golden bottle and the tiny dropper. The oil smells like heaven!! The sample size has 5ml and it looks like this will last me at least two to three weeks considering I only need a drop for my entire face. (Update: Review of this oil is up on my blog. Do check out!)

I wish they had given me samples of other products too that I wanted to try before purchasing, but the staff on the other counters did not seem  very friendly and I didn’t feel like asking them.

I am as excited as you are to see how these products change my skin! All of the above products were super expensive, but I hope I won’t regret the purchase. I will try these products for a few weeks and write a detailed and honest review on each!

Stay tuned 🙂

Update 13 Dec ’15 : I went to Salam stores again last Thursday and this time the Clinique lady was very friendly and kind. Did she read this post?? Anyway, I then decided to try out Clinique moisturizer for her sake (Review coming soon!). Guess what? She even gave me a tiny goody bag of some samples. So now you know you should give everyone a second chance! 🙂


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