Skincare: Dry Skin Vs. Dehydrated Skin

Welcome back beautiful!

Here’ s a topic many are very confused with. Trust me, I have been in your shoes!

For many years, I thought I had dry skin and ended up spending a fortune on anti drying skin creams, lotions and a whole bunch of skincare products which never worked on me. I would wash my face with the most gentle cleansers, use the best moisturizers and still feel my skin stretching from “beneath”. My skin felt so stretchy even when the surface of my skin was loaded with oil. I used a lot of products that was otherwise raved by everyone who’s used it, but somehow it never worked for me.

I then discussed the problem with my mom who is a skincare specialist and she immediately pointed out that I did not have dry skin but DEHYDRATED skin! As much as it sounds like the same thing, let me tell you there is a massive difference between the two.



I researched a lot on this and found out that I had dehydrated skin as my skin lacked the water content it needs to stay supple. I barely drank one glass of water everyday (I still can’t believe it) and this clearly this took toll on my skin causing my skin to have a transepidermal water loss. Another factor that contributed to my dehydrated skin was all the air conditioning. I live in the Middle East where it’s hot almost nine months a year, so the air conditioners are ON all the time, day and night. We spend our lives under these moisture sucking machines. The worst part is, living in AC’s never made me thirsty, which I thought is okay – I was so wrong. For ages, everyone around you advise you to drink plenty of water and you ignore it and think it’s okay, like I did. Your skin and body can get so dehydrating if you don’t drink enough water! You can look up on the internet and you’ll see millions of other dangers you will project yourself onto without enough water in your body.

You skin can appear dry because you’re not consuming enough oil in your diet – Yes, oil! You skin need oils too. Try to consume good oils in your diet. Fish is a great source of such good oils. You could also take fish oil or Vitamin E oil supplements to see visible difference within just weeks. It is also found in dairy products, meat, eggs, cereals, nuts and green leafy vegetables. Mine was however due to the lack of moisture aka water between my skin layers.

Dehydrated skin has nothing to do with your skin type. So your skin could be oily, but still be dehydrated! This could get you confused if you don’t know the difference between dryness and dehydration.

I started monitoring my water levels ever since, okay I admit I don’t drink two litre everyday, but my skin has shown a massive difference after I started taking lots of water. I don’t get the stretchy feeling anymore after washing my face. Skin looks much more supple and hydrated! It’s amazing what water can do to your body 🙂

Another trick that helped me were humidifiers! The AC’s are still on during the night when we sleep, but the humidifiers in my room really helped keep dehydration at bay. My skin feels so much better in the mornings.

So next time you feel your skin is stretchy, check if you’re having enough water. For all you know, your skin could be dehydrated! My skin is so thankful I figured this out sooner.

Have you had a similar problem? Do you have other tricks to combat dehydration? Tell me all about it in the comments below 🙂 And hey, don’t forget to fill your water bottle

Stay tuned for more skincare posts, tips and tricks! Thank you for passing by 🙂



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  1. This post is super helpful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Linz says:

    This is wonderful news!! I had an experience 2 months ago, where my face turned bright red but didn’t burn. I was in the sun, so I assumed it was burnt, even with sunscreen. Nope. The next day, there was no burn, no pain, just a very, very stretchy face. I was telling everyone that my face fell off; they thought I was crazy. I went to an estitician, and the diagnosis was dehydration. I am drinking water and taking flax seed oil, hoping that this will bring my face back sooner than later. Your story gives me hope. I, too, am using a humidifier, and since I work from home, I have been using honey as a humectant and coconut oil as a moisturizer. Fingers crossed.


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