Makeover with Lancôme Middle East!

∼ “I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me“∼

 I’ve been a Lancôme fan from over 8 years now, from fragrance to moisturizers to Mascara – I’m in love with all their products!

Lancôme‘s Middle East skincare expert Fayrouz Najdi and makeup expert Daniya Bawab were in town and Lancôme invited me last week to meet them for a 30 minute facial treatment and a sophisticated makeover session! I was super excited as I had never got makeup done by a professional makeup artist (than my mom of course), so this is essentially my first “makeover”.

I went in straight after work last evening, pretty exhausted but felt like a kid running into a candy shop when I reached the Lancôme counter at Paris Gallery, Lagoona Mall. I was expecting a regular session of “facial” where they cleanse, exfoliate and massage products on to your skin for half an hour, but to my surprise it was a simple cleanse-tone-moisturize session with various Lancôme products. Unfortunately I could not meet Fayrouz Najdi as she was busy with another customer when I walked in. Nonetheless, another skincare specialist, Nelia prepped my skin and suggested some skincare products from Lancôme she thought will help my skin. After cleansing, she massaged some really soothing Genefique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Serum around my eyes. I felt so calm and relaxed, I wonder why you never get the same feeling when you massage it yourself 🙂 Though the entire skincare session only lasted for about ten minutes, my skin felt soft and rested after the session. Nelia’s tip to BG readers : Never go to sleep without removing your makeup. Always use a serum, a day cream with SPF and a separate night cream to save your skin from ageing!

Skincare done, I was ready to meet the gorgeous Daniya Bawab, she was definitely tired after a long day of doing makeovers but still I was welcomed with her beautiful smile. I felt privileged as I sat there as Daniya is the Best Lancôme makeup artist worldwide, and also the winner of the golden brush. She has quite a few celeb fans is what I hear and having my first makeover done by her is something I can always brag of!

After discussing the kind of look I wanted, I decided to go for a gold-brown smokey eye with bold lips. My main concern were my dark circles, however Daniya promised me she’ll hide it with her magic. I patiently sat there for the transformation as she explained the various products she will be using on me. Here’s a quick look of my dark circles before the makeup:



She went for a rather thick base of corrector and concealer around my eyes and a matching yet thin layer of Lancôme Visionnaire Foundation on the rest of my face as I don’t have scars or redness of any sort on my skin. I was pretty impressed by the packaging of the foundation as it also comes with a high coverage color matched corrector on the lid, so you can skip buying another corrector – Brownie points! 🙂 This is definitely in my shopping list for next month.

As she worked her magic on me, Daniya told me that she has been in the beauty industry for almost 20 years and having worked for so long she says her blood is no more red, but colored 🙂 She is definitely an expert and I realized that after she showed me how the base makeup sat perfectly on my face, not every makeup artist can do this – FLAWLESS is the only word that could describe how my skin looked!

After the makeup was done, I felt nothing less than a celebrity! Absolutely loved the smokey eyes and the bold red lips 🙂 You can also see how she transformed my eyebrows into neatly filled thick brows! She used Lancôme Caroline de Maigret Fall Collection palette to fill in my brows. I’m already hinting hubby darling for my birthday gift 😉

Daniya working her magic on me!
Where did my dark circles disappear?

My makeover would never be complete without her reaching out to BG readers. So here’s Daniya’s tip for everyone who’d love to make skin look lighter – Never buy a foundation that’s lighter than your original skin color. This will make your makeup look grey! Instead, choose a lighter shade powder to set your foundation, this will make your skin look lighter while not making you look like you’re wearing a mask!

I was really happy with the whole look and I can’t tell you how many heads I turned as I walked out of Lagoona Mall last evening! It was an amazing experience and a privilege to learn beauty tips from such talented ladies.

Thank you Lancôme, Nelia and Daniya for such a glamorous evening!


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am not paid to do this review or the products mentioned in the post.



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