Guerlain Long Lasting Bi-Phase Eyeliner Review

Guerlain Long Lasting Bi-Phase Eyeliner– That’s a long name for a teeny li’l eyeliner!

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s Eyeliner! My eyes look DEAD without it. You probably noticed that in my Lancôme Makeover post. Did I tell you that I started using eyeliner when I was 10? Just reminds me – It’s been almost 20 years since I started using it (Two decades?!!)

I was searching for a glossy eyeliner and hubby darl surprised me with this beauty of a product last month! Guerlain has been my mom’s favorite brand for lipsticks, however I had never heard of their eyeliners before to be honest. I was super thrilled to try it out as it’s my first ever Guerlain purchase, well hubby’s purchase 😉

Guerlain Long Lasting Bi-Phase

Absolutely love the elegant packaging! The liner comes in a sturdy glass bottle, not the kind of ones that’ll break if you drop it. The long golden cap looks stunning as wll. The tip of the cap also has the Guerlain logo engraved on it. I tried to click a picture, but my lens just wouldn’t focus on it :/

Guerlain Long Lasting Bi-Phase

Mine is in Shade 01 Noir Ebene. This is a very intense black, definitely one of the darkest liners I’ve tried and I am very pleased with the color. I love liquid eyeliners as I feel it’s the easiest to work with. I’ve been using Lakme Insta Liner for more than 10 years and Guerlain is darker comparatively (I know that’s not a great comparison considering the price difference) and also noticed Guerlain dries faster than Lakme, so no need to worry about smudging it all over. If you really want the smudged look you’ll have to be quick. What I LOVE about Guerlain is the finish – It’s glossy, semi glossy rather and looks absolutely stunning once worn! It didn’t smudge or fade even after 10 hours of application.

Left: Guerlain ; Right – Lakme


The consistency is not very thick nor too thin – more like a fluid and goes opaque in one swipe. It’s a bi-phase liner with half watery composition that gets mixed easily with a nice shake. The phases don’t really split unless you keep it still for at least two days. I did not notice the bi-phase mention on the packaging and thought the liner has expired when I saw the layers 😉 (Headbang!!)


With the thin brush, winged liner is a cakewalk! The brush is slightly stiff but I actually like how it controls the line. The extra long handle helps with precise application every time. I’ve always used short brushes and it was a tad hard to get used to the long one but trust me it’s so much easier.

I am usually wary of trying new eyeliners as most sting and irritate my eyes. I’m very happy that this one did not. It’s not waterproof and didn’t smudge all day, but still comes off easily with makeup wipes.

Here’s how it wore on me:


Guerlain has definitely impressed me and I must admit I’m head over heels for this liner. But I wish it came with a smaller price tag. QAR 180 (INR 3350 approx.) is quite a hefty price tag for 5ml!

I am eyeing their Meteorites Illuminating Pressed Powder and I’ll hopefully buy it next month.

Have you tried Guerlain products? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. Jinjin Raina says:

    I just love the review !! It’s so damn black I want I want I so want to tryyy 😚😚😚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You must try it! It’s gorgeous ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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