Going Vegan!


I know this is completely off-topic on this blog. But I thought I’ll share this news with you! Yes, I’ve decided to go vegan and ask me why?

Everyone who knows me personally will agree I’m a huge animal lover. Lately I’ve been watching tons of videos on animal abuse some of which are extremely disturbing. It’s absolutely shocking to see how animals are mistreated for human comfort – goes from “day old male chicks being destroyed as they’re unnecessary” to “lamb being slaughtered while hundreds of other lambs watch it happen with dreadful eyes” to “cows being tortured for milk” (Trust me, you wouldn’t wanna watch this video). I’m sure you all have heard about it or even watched those videos, it’s all around us! I could go on and on if I were to talk about such articles/videos. What’s happening to humanity? When did we become such blood sucking monsters?

I cannot understand why we humans feel animals don’t have feelings. They fear death as much as we do. They have a life as much as we do!

I’ve never worn animal fur and never will. What took me this long to go vegan you may ask – Honestly, I never thought the milk we drink come from such abused cows, nor did I realize the eggs I have for breakfast came from the poor chicken in the over-crammed cage.  Guilty of owning leather products but as stupid as it may sound, I did not realize that it did not come from animals that died naturally, but brutally killed for the skin. I’ve been contemplating for quite a while to go vegan, but my cravings kept hindering my focus and not to mention I always thought it’s expensive to stay vegan, well I was wrong! Going vegan definitely does not mean I’ll suck the life out of myself like many do – I’ll still have my sugars and I’ll still gain some calories with no guilt. Amen to that 🙂

It’s gonna be overwhelming in the beginning and I can already feel it. But I will hold on tight. Welcome new life!

So much to say, but I wanna keep this post short. Let me get busy looking for vegan diet plans now. Have a recipe to share? Post them away in the comments below 🙂

Much love!



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  1. Jinjin Raina says:

    Wow!! That’s a great !! It’s actually difficult for me to be vegan !! I tried but failed :/ yes but I’ve become vegetarian. All the best to you darling !! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Oh yes it’s really hard 🙂 Hope I’ll hold on

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  2. I was vegetarian for over 30 years, and vegan for some of that. About five years ago I started adding some animal protein back into my life, but I am super picky. I only buy pastured eggs from local farmers, and eat grass fed beef. I felt good as a vegetarian, but feel even better now. I totally applaud your reasons for going vegan. Make sure you are consuming plenty of healthy fats (avocados, raw nuts, coconut oil) also you may want to read some of David Wolfe’s books.


    1. Aw thanks Elizabeth! Sometimes I’m really tempted to quit. I’ll def look for David Wolfe. Thank you for encouraging ❤


  3. Emmmmerz says:

    I’d love to see some vegan beauty products you try during your vegan journey!
    I try to eat ethically, rather than vegan, but the cosmetics industry is horrifying to me.


    1. Yea, I’m trying some great vegan products now. Will post the reviews soon 🙂

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