L’Occitane Shea Face Comforting Oil Review

L’Occitane launched the Shea Face Comforting Oil last month and I was quite apprehensive to try it after my disappointing experience with their Divine oil. But L’Occitane pleasantly surprised me with a full size bottle to try out (and a hand cream – Review coming up) on my birthday, such a coincidence 🙂

The rather short winter at Qatar is slowly joining hands with summer and air cons are back in full blast. Not to mention it’s sucking all the moisture out of my skin. I knew this is the perfect time to test this oil!

L’Occitane Shea Face Comforting Oil

It comes in a petite 20ml glass bottle with a plastic pump. The oil contains shea (5%) and marula oils. Marula oil is known as “Africa’s beauty secret” and is cold pressed, highly nutritious and light textured.


What I love about the brand is that it’s all natural. Don’t we all LOVE natural products?



I love the packaging! The bottle is sturdy and the pump makes it very hygenic and leaves no mess. However no matter how gentle I am with the pump, it won’t let me do a half-pump. You only need three drops for the whole face. One full pump dispenses a whole lot of product and I feel terrible to waste the rest of it on my arms. So I transferred some of the oil to one of my empty dropper bottles and now use it with the dropper 🙂 Ha clever me, I hear ya!! 😉

As the brand claims, the texture is definitely fine and silky. Its lighter than any of the facial oils I’ve used in the past and smells just like a cheap baby oil/talc – Nope, not a fan of the smell! It lingers for a while before it fades and I hate it! I don’t use it at night for this reason as the smell transfers to my pillow. Man does it annoy me!!


The oil is also quite runny and hence makes it super easy to spread over the face. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a beautiful sheen – No greasy mess!


I have been using this for a week now and it has not broken me out. Quite impressed with that 🙂 My skin looks and feels very moisturized, soft and nourished. I can definitely see a reduction in my dry patches.

I tried adding a drop of this to my foundation and to my surprise it didn’t look oily on the face but also added a nice glow to the look which I think is great!

I have not seen any “Comforting” effects so far. If they meant the smell, well their research team needs to do some more homework!

Overall, I like the oil and is excellent for dry skin! I also like how it works on my skin but I’m not a convert as the smell has completely put me off. Other than the smell, it’s a great product and worth the money.

L’Occitane Shea Face Comforting Oil is priced at QAR 199 across L’Occitane stores in Qatar and USD42 on their US webstore

What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Much love,



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  1. Kwong says:

    Nice review! I just got 2 small samples of this. Hope I don’t break out from it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry hun, just saw this! I hope you like it ❤


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