Skin woes of a Middle Eastern girl

ME girl

When I tell people I live in the Middle East, I’m often mistaken for someone with melting makeup on the face considering how nasty our summers are. But we all know the fact, we know we are freezing under the brigade of air conditioners, from home to office to shopping malls and even washrooms! I’d better not speak about dehydrated skin as I have already moaned enough of it on my blog. We lose it every time, don’t we? Well, not anymore..

Summer skincare means a lot different on this side of the world. As summer is closing in and all the air cons are ready to go on full blast, I thought I’d prep you with some tips to summer-proof your makeup!

Drink loads of water:

Sounds like a no brainer, but I can’t stress how important it is to keep our skin hydrated from the inside to combat dehydration. Do check out my post on how this helps. I am indeed a living proof to preach how water brings back the glow 🙂

Double/Triple Cleansing:

Won’t cleansing twice make your skin all the more dry you may ask? I hear ya! I used to wash my face and RUN immediately to get the moisturizer. My skin would feel tight and stretchy, no matter how gentle my cleanser is. But then I discovered this trick recently and have been doing it everyday since. I first wash my face with a foaming cleanser to remove the makeup, but we all know how dry it leaves the skin. So I go another round with a creamy cleanser to remove any excess of makeup as well as restore the moisture back into the skin. Trust me on this, it really works! I’ve tried a lot of cream based cleansers on it’s own but it won’t remove all the makeup, plus it leaves the skin tacky. But if you’ve discovered a brand that cleans well without the greasy feel, do let me know in the comments below.

Now triple cleansing? Well, this is something I don’t do but you could first start with a makeup remover oil to loosen out the makeup before you wash. I am not a fan of cleansing oils, so I’d skip this.

However do note that this is for days when you have makeup on. If you don’t, a simple cream cleanser on it’s own will do the trick. Cream based shower gels are also the way to go for body cleansing.


Air cons suck up moisture from the air and dry air leaves the skin parched. Our skin is constantly regenerating, pushing out the worn out cells that we can flaky skin.Dry skin can make you look dull and hence need to be renewed and refreshed regularly. I can vouch for Clarisonic but if you can’t afford one, use any gentle exfoliator at least once a week. Make sure you go for a paraben/alcohol free product. The key is not to go overboard. Over exfoliation can cause more harm than good!

Say NO to long hot showers:

I know how lovely it is to stand under a hot steamy shower, but trust me it’s not doing any good to your skin. Hot showers can dry out our natural skin oils quickly. Luke warm is better, but again not for prolonged time. So next time you’re stuck with your favorite song under the shower, remind yourself you’re washing the oils away more than the dirt!

Moisturize well:

You don’t want your makeup to cling to those dry patches, do you? So moisturize away to supple skin! I usually go for layers of heavy duty moisturizer when my skin feels tight. Don’t hesitate to go a bit overboard, wipe off the excess if needed and you’ll see it all fall in place in a few seconds. Makeup will stay where it should with the right moisturizer. Dry under eyes? Don’t forget to use a good eye cream as well.

Spare your compact:

Less is more when it comes to powder foundations. I usually use a dewy finish liquid foundation and skip using compact unless absolutely necessary or stick to just a quick dust over my T-zone to retain the glow on my cheeks.


Yes, we’re indoors most of the time but that’s no excuse to skip sunscreen. We know how harsh the summer sun is in the Middle East! A hustle from the office door to the car park can give you enough sun exposure for skin damage.

Facial “Miss”ts:

I LOVE facial mists when I’m under the air con, it really does freshen up the face. I don’t like using makeup setting spray for this, I like something more gentle like the ones at L’Occitane. It doesn’t disturb my makeup either.


Humidifiers are nothing related to makeup and beauty you thought? I’m afraid you’re wrong! Humidifiers increases the moisture level in the room, I always have one in my office and I can really tell the difference when I don’t switch it ON. Amazingly it also helps my hair 🙂 But they also need regular maintenance, so don’t skip that.

Like Michel Columbe said, “Glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let skin shine though”.

Are we ready for the summer?




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  1. Sumaica Asad says:

    Aaaaahhh ! Someone finally gets it. But I have to say that despite all the aircons, 30 seconds in the sun in Middle East are enough to melt off your make up. 😛 Thank goodness for setting sprays.


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