The Organic Skin Co. Makeup Artist Brush Set

The Organic Skin Co. is a premium makeup brand from World Organics with an amazing range of skin and body products. I’ve been using their Makeup Artist Brush Set and I must say I’m obsessed with them right now!

Brush set edit
The Organic Skin Co. Makeup Artist Brush Set

The set comes with eight bamboo makeup brushes individually packed in plastic cover in a beautiful brown cotton canvas makeup brush bag. The brushes are natural and 100% cruelty-free!

The Organic Skin Co. Makeup Artist Brush Set

I absolutely LOVE the packaging! The canvas bag can also be rolled up and takes barely any space for storage ❤  This is also compact and brilliant when I travel as I always have issues packing my makeup brushes.

The Organic Skin Co. Makeup Brush Canvas Bag

Each of it comes with “The Organic Skincare Co.” logo printed on it though I noticed it fades off with regular use. The brushes are light weight but very sturdy and I think this is just perfect for a starter. It has all the right brushes for someone who’s new to makeup brushes – It comes with an eyebrow groomer brush, liquid foundation brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow blending fluffy brush, concealer brush, lip brush, a powder brush and the ever so cute kabuki brush. I wish they also included a blush brush, but the tiny kabuki does a great job with blush application!

The Organic Skin Co. Kabuki Brush

The bristles are feather soft and are densely packed. I love how soft they are on my skin and how smooth my makeup goes on the face with these brushes, they do an excellent job in blending. I especially love the tiny kabuki brush and the powder brush. The eye brushes are also the perfect size and easy to get to the sometimes hard-to-reach eye area.

The Organic Skin Co. Powder Brush

The powder brush is another favorite and the product application is so even with the brush, I’m literally done in three seconds! It’s neither too small nor too large – Just perfect!

The eyebrow brush is however a bit too hard for my liking but I love to use it while shaping my eyebrows. The tiny comb is amazing when you wanna set your eyebrow in place.

The bristles are all natural and don’t shed on application, but the bigger brushes did shed a bit when I washed them, just a bristle or two though which I’m not really worried about. My main concern was if the brushes would go rough after washing as most of my brushes have in the past. Lucky me, none of these did! ❤

If you’re looking for some great makeup brushes, look no more! You can find TOSC brushes here for NZD 40 which is not very expensive for the number of quality brushes as well as the elegant canvas case you get for the price. This is definitely worth an investment and I’m so happy I got my hands on them.

I’m also trying a few of their amazing organic skincare products. Stay tuned for a detailed review!




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  1. they look like they’re lovely! 🙂 xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


    1. Yes, they’re amazing! And not expensive either. Loving it ❤

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  2. byliil says:

    Love the review! Need to try them out as well 🙂

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