Understanding your Skin Type: A Guide

When it comes to skincare, knowledge is power! The first step to right skin care is to understand what type of skin you have. This helps you focus on using the right type of products that compliment your skin type and problems. It’s quite tricky to figure out sometimes, especially for skin like mine which goes from oily to combination to dry depending on the climate. So your skin really doesn’t have to be the same type throughout the year, it can even change over a period of weeks.

Lost? You’re not alone 🙂 Here’s a quick guide to find out your skin type, the characteristics as well as the products that match your skin type:

Skin Types


If you don’t have a blotting paper, use a single sheet of tissue paper and this works almost as good as a blotting paper. But make sure it’s one layer only as a single tissue paper comes in 2 or sometimes 3 layers.

I always use different products for the different parts of my skin – For example, my T-zone gets really oily during the summer. So I apply a light textured moisturizer for my T-Zone and a more heavier one for the rest of my face. Same goes for my serums, face masks and even foundation. There is nothing wrong in using multiple products to suit your skin.

No matter what your skin type is, don’t forget to use sunscreen when you go out. Also, it is important to see if your skin type changes over a period of time or in a different climate. This often happens when you travel to another country, you continue to use what you’ve been using but then you realize it’s not working!

Using the wrong products can really aggravate your skin, cause acne and even make your skin look older on the long run. So now you know why that so much hyped about  serum worked for everyone but you!

What skin type are you? Let me know in the comments ❤

Much love,



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  1. Glamorous_Etoiles says:

    Great Post 🙂


      1. Glamorous_Etoiles says:

        ur welcome doll 🙂


  2. Glamorous_Etoiles says:

    I am very sensitive but and the same time dry as well.


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