Luxurious Skin Treat: Cosmetics 27

Our skin definitely needs lots of TLC as you hit 30! You’ll know when your skin is not happy, well I did when my skin decided to go hay wire a few days back. It would go extremely dry on one day to slick oily the next. I was struggling to maintain a balance when Cosmetics 27 kindly sent me some of their amazing natural skincare products to my rescue! They also sent me a lovely hand written note with the products – Very sweet!

Cosmetics 27 by M.E.Skinlab

Cosmetics 27 is a luxury natural skincare brand founded by Michèle Evrard from her taste for creating remarkable products that heal in a targeted manner. In 2002, when she searched to “erase” a scar from her own skin, she discovered the repairing properties of Centella Asiatica (renowned for it’s healing properties and effect on micro-circulation) which remains the key ingredient of her products.

I am glad I tried these lovely products – their Cleanser (Cleanser 27, Serum (Essence 27), Facial Oil (Huile 27) and mositurizer (Baume 27) and a surprise at the end (Don’t skip to the end now!).

Cleanser 27 (Price: $85)

Cleanser 27 by M.E.Skinlab

I love products that can multi-task, environment stays greener, you need less products and hence it’s light on your pocket as well.

Cleanser 27 is a great 3-in-one cleanser. The balm becomes an oil upon massaging onto dry face and to an emulsion upon contact with water when you wash your face. It also gently exfoliates your skin and removes every trace of makeup. My skin felt very soft and nourished after use. I have never used anything like this before, absolutely love it!

Essence 27 (Price: $104)

Essence 27 is a white fluid, loaded with anti-oxidants and quite moisturizing. I also found this to be the perfect base for my makeup – who knew this could be a great primer! It’s non-greasy and gets absorbed to the skin in seconds.

Huile 27 (Price: $99)

What’s skincare without facial oils? Huile 27 is love in a bottle, packed with essential nutrients that nourishes, hydrates, softens and help regenerate your skin. It also has Vitamin E in it, a bit too “oily” when you apply it first but gets absorbed into the skin in a couple of minutes. One drop of this is perfect with my foundation for that goddess glow!

Baume 27 (Price: $180 – GULP!)

Baume 27 by M.E.Skinlab

This is the last step in my night time skin routine. It’s a thick balm moisturizer and you would think it’ll look slick and oily but trust me it’s not at all greasy upon application. However I would skip using the facial oil under this as both combined can look a bit shiny. I alternate between this and the facial oil and don;t use them together unless my skin is super flaky which it rarely is.

Plasma 27 (Price: $105)

Plasma 27 by M.E.Skinlab

Here’s the surprise and the BEST sheet mask I’ve ever used! Plasma 27 is a cloth mask soaked in the precious serum, it’s a bit slimy but ten minutes on your face and BAM! My skin looked like I had some magic glow treatment. I massaged in the rest of the serum on my face and even preserved a tiny bit for the next day. My skin immediately turned all glowy and shiny. Super impressed with this stuff 🙂

I used these products for almost 3 weeks and I must say my skin looks and feel much better! There is a natural glow to the face and looks much brighter. None of the products broke me out but helped me maintain a balance between dry and oily days. Overall I love their products and would highly recommend them!

The only down-side is the price, they’re super expensive but that’s part of it being a high-end luxury brand. So, if you’re looking for some natural skin TLC you know where to go!

They are also very active on their social media accounts. Do check out their Facebook page and their Instagram – Cosmetics 27.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Much Love,



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