Plant Organics Skincare ft. Plantae

We do so much to cover up our face with makeup and chemicals, why not do something to cure those flaws from within? I have seen a massive difference in my skin after I switched to an all natural organic skincare routine. Cosmetics with plant extracts and botanical products are wonderfully beneficial to the skin as they rich sources of natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other nourishing nutrients.

I was recently introduced to this wonderful natural skincare brand from New Zealand called Plantae and I have been in love with their products since! The founder, Carol Priest is a qualified lab technologist by profession and formulated her own skincare line after she found the conventional chemical laden cosmetics ineffective and harsh on her skin.

Plantae Edit.jpg
Plantae Organic Skincare

Plantae have organized their products into three categories of skin collections to tailor to individual needs : Lush leaves (for Oily/Blemished Skin), Flower Power (Normal Skin) and Berry Bliss (Dry/Damaged Skin).

I was sent three of their lovely products for review – Bitter Orange Blossom Spritz, Vanilla Bean Day Cream and Rose Hip Fruit + Seed Serum.

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Plantae Organic Skincare

I used these products for a month and here’s my thought:

Bitter Orange Blossom Spritz: (Price: NZD 32.90)

Plantae Bitter Orange Blossom Spritz

This is a gentle spray toner to balance the pH, improve hydration and brighten the complexion. I really know when my skin likes a product and when it doesn’t. Let me tell you my skin fell in love with this toner. It smells like bitter orange with a hint of lemony smell. Feels really refreshing to spray it after a shower. It makes my skin look glowy after every use and the glow stays on even after applying makeup on top. I noticed this is also a fantastic makeup setting spray! My makeup stayed on for much longer with this spray on top. The spray nozzle is brilliant and I only need three sprays for my entire face. It is love in a bottle on those hot summer days 🙂

Vanilla Bean Day Cream: (Price: NZD 48.90)

Plantae Vanilla Bean Day Cream

This cream is made in heaven! I’m not kidding, it smells and feels heavenly on the skin. Ingredients include Vanilla Bean, Jasmine, Camellia and Myrrh with vitalising Grape Seed Extract and Shea Nut for skin that is silky smooth and supple. It has a thick consistency and hence goes on a bit thick on the skin upon application but soon settles in with a lovely sheen giving you that goddess like glow!The lovely smell of vanilla, MAN! I’m always making monkey (kissing) faces to smell this cream on my face haha 😀 (Have you tried it? If you have a long nose like me you can smell your upper lip with the monkey kissie face) Great base for makeup and it didn’t melt one bit in the Middle Eastern heat. After three weeks of use, my skin has also become supple and looks much more plump. Dryness gone, my skin is super happy, I’m TOTALLY impressed 🙂

Rose Hip Fruit + Seed Serum: (Price: NZD 44.90)

Plantae Rose Hip Fruit + Seed Serum

This is my favorite of all the three. You may already know I’m a huge fan of facial oils. Though they call it a serum, it’s a facial oil with organic supercritical extratcs from the whole Rose Hip berry. I have used a lot of facial oils, but this is one of the lightest I’ve tried. Absorbs into the skin in seconds and leaves a beautiful scent on your skin (Not the kind of perfumy smell). I use this as a part of my night time skin routine and this oil has made a massive difference to the texture of my skin. I really wish I had taken before-after pictures to show you what I mean. My skin is much more smooth and glowy in the morning and looks bright and fresh. The glass bottle looks and feels very high end, but you’ll have to be very careful not to drop it. The glass dropper however keeps dropping oil, even if you don’t want it to. I only four drops of this oil for my entire face and neck.

All of Plantae Skincare is certified organic, free from parabens and are sourced from individual organic farmers who do not use petrochemical herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. So it’s completely safe for use and perfect for vegans.

Plantae skincare products did not break me out even once, but has made my skin brighter and visibly healthier. I can highly recommend these products and I’m sure you’ll love them as well 🙂 Plantae ships their products worldwide and can be bought from their webstore at very reasonable prices. Make sure you check out their Facebook and Instagram (Plantaeskincare) pages as well 🙂

Have you tried any of Plantae Organic Skincare? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or drop me a line 🙂

Much love,




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  1. Omg I want to try all of them they sound awesome! ✨

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    1. Must really try these! Completely organic and natural ingredients, so can’t go wrong!

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