Gloss? Tint? GLOTINT!

Lip Gloss + Lip Tint = GLOTINT?

Here’s a lip gloss that also stains your lips without the nasty sticky feel! – BEIGE CHUU Ampoule Glotint


BEIGE CHUU is a new Korean cosmetic brand owned by Chuu. Head over to their website and you’ll be lured by their gorgeous makeup collection from foundation (I really wanna try their stick foundation) to Mascara to really pretty blushers and bronzers!

As much as I love glossy lips, I’ve never really been a fan of lip glosses because they are very sticky and most of them come with shimmer AND the gloss disappears after a few hours leaving the sick shimmer behind! I was excited to try this one though as it claims to be non-sticky and also leaves a stain.

I love the packaging, glossy black body with a twist cap – Looks chic in your handbag and vanity! It came in a very cute clear pouch, but the customs officer had to rip it open with his blade to see what’s in it (Grr!!)

Close-up of the traingular applicator

I received mine in the shade #Why Pink though it’s more like a coral with pink undertones but goes pink on application. The triangular applicator brush picks up just the right amount of products and glides over the lips. Just two swipes and you’re good to go! The applicator wand doesn’t bathe itself in the product when you pick more product, it’s just the brush that picks up the product. So there is absolutely no product wastage unlike regular gloss applicators.

The formula is absolutely non-sticky and very moisturizing. I also love how delicious the glotint smells!

Here’s a swatch:

Swatch – # Why Pink

I have pigmented lips and the color did not cover up my pigmentation when applied alone, however it looks really gorgeous when applied over lipstick. It leaves a very subtle pink stain on my lips and stays in tact for over 5 hours. The stain looks very natural but I prefer wearing it over my lipstick.


The Glotints also come in two other gorgeous shades – Where Red and How Coral:

Pic Courtesy:

Overall, I love these for everyday wear and works great for layering over lipstick. If you detest tacky lip glosses like me, these are for you!

I also tried the hard finish eyebrow pencil from BEIGE CHUU and I’m loving it! Let me know if you guys want me to review it.

The Glotints come in BEIGE CHUU AMPOULE GLOTINT is available here for 17,900 ₩ or USD 15.24. That’s about QAR 55.50 which is very affordable! Also found the product being sold here for $22, slightly more expensive.

Thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.







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