Sneak Peek: Korean Hydro Gel Mask

I’ve recently hopped on the K-beauty and sheet mask bandwagon AND in a big way! I always thought regular cream face masks are the best, but I was completely unaware of the goodness of sheet masks until I tried one.

The sheet mask in test today is THELAVICOS Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask.

THELAVICOS Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask

One of the major ingredients include Swiftlet Nest Extract. Wikipedia tells me these nests are created by Swiftlets using solidified saliva! The more I think about it the more I’m grossed out. Anyway, ignoring the saliva bit and moving on – this also comes with other amazing ingredients including Soybean ferment extract, Adenosine, Niacinamide (I’ve fallen in love with this ingredient ever since I was introduced to Olay products) and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide.


The sheets come in a box of 5, each individually packed. The mask itself is a transparent silicon-y gel sheet soaked in the amazing serum. It comes in two pieces, one for the top part of your face and another piece for your lips, cheeks and chin. It’s a bit baffling at first, I took some time to figure out which one goes where, while the serum kept dripping on the floor (Oh so precious serum!) but then you just get used to it 🙂

Usage Instruction:

1.After cleansing & toner, apply the sheet on your face

(The side with the transparent film should be used)

2.Remove after 20-30 minutes and gently tap with your fingers to help absorb the remaining serum on your face.

3.Use it two to three times a week

The sheet mask gets really slimy as you apply, but sets in just right after a few minutes. It clings to your skin and I love that feeling of something hugging my skin! You have to feel it to know what I mean 🙂 After 30 minutes, you remove and toss the mask. Then you gently massage the left over serum on your face. It doesn’t really get absorbed completely. Me being me, I just left it like that and went to sleep. I woke up to a soft and supple skin, it just felt amazing!

Even after you apply the sheet there’s loads of serum left in the pouch, I massaged some onto my neck and saved the rest for later and used it as a night time serum for the next two days.

I only wish all sheet masks came with a bit that covered the neck as well. I’m impressed with the results though it did not whiten my skin – Perfect for some me-time and when your skin begs for some TLC! Can’t comment on the anti-wrinkle claim as I think it’s more of a long term effect and can’t be noticed with just five uses.

That being said, I will NOT be promoting or purchasing this product as it uses Swiftlet nest extract as the harvesting process is a bit too disturbing to me. I think it’s cruel to snatch nests from birds. They make nests for a reason, though they can make additional ones it is just not justifiable to use it for human selfishness. As a animal lover, my heart bleeds for the poor birdies 😥

My hunt for the perfect sheet mask will continue.








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  1. phillygirl77 says:

    Hats off to you for even trying this product and researching the ingredients. I don’t think I could use it either after finding out that it contains bird saliva. YUCK!😯🐔

    Liked by 1 person

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