No Nasties Natural Deo: Hippy Paste

Let’s face it, summer heat in Qatar is killing us and we are all desperately looking for ways to smell nice in the heat! I’ve long been in the search of a natural anti-stink product that’s also cruelty-free, something that will withstand the wraths of the Middle Eastern summer.

That’s when the lovely silver tin from Hippy Paste arrived at my door step!

Hippy Paste.jpg
HiPPY PASTE Natural Deodorant

Google some of the ingredients of your daily deo and tell me if you don’t faint! I’m so happy HiPPY PASTE is all natural with no nasty ingredients whatsoever. It’s no rocket science – Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Arrowroot, Organic Shea Butter, Baking Soda, Beeswax and natural organic essential oil – Voila, you have Hippy Paste! Hippy Paste also has anti-bacterial properties that will combat body odour all day long (Did you know it’s the bacteria that causes the stink and the sweat itself is actually odorless?)


Hippy Paste comes in six different fragrances and mine is in Ylang Ylang though it faintly smells like baby soap 🙂 You can barely smell the product unless you go really close and smell it. So it’s perfect for people who don’t like strong scents.

The consistency is very thick, almost solid but melts into creamy consistency as soon as you whirl your finger tips on the product.

Hippy 2.jpg
HiPPY PASTE Natural Deo

It can get a li’l too oily/tacky if you apply a lot, so you only need the tiniest bit for each use as the product spreads very well on the skin. This is huge plus as the tin can easily last you more than a month even if you use it twice a day. Hippy Paste is a unisex deo, you can use it no matter if you’re a  man, woman or a teen 🙂

I also love the screw type packaging of the aluminium tin – Perfect when you travel! The only thing I don’t like is dunking my fingers in the tub, but I don’t mind doing it as long as it works 🙂

Screw Type Tin Packaging

I have been using it for over three weeks and have been loving it! The product lasts for a long time, and works just as great as my regular deo minus the nasty ingredients. It hasn’t caused any sort of irritation on my skin. My husband has been stealing it from me everyday. He goes out in the heat a lot and he says he loves it as well!

Hippy Paste has definitely won the battle against the Middle Eastern heat! I can confidently recommend this to anyone who is looking for a natural deodorant. I’m sure Hippy Paste won’t let you down.

You must definitely try this out. At £5 (almost QAR24) it is super affordable and worth a try! Hippy Paste is made in the UK by Earth Conscious and is available on their website. Make sure you check out other fragrances as well. Their lavender one is vegan if you’re looking for a vegan option and the rest contain beeswax.

Have you tried Hippy Paste deodorants? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Much love,



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  1. phillygirl77 says:

    This sounds like something I may want to try out when I arrive.


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