Lash Power Volumizing Mascara by Catalina Geo

I’m a total mascara junkie and it is one of my everyday must-haves. I feel naked and my eyes look tired without it, not to mention I have been hoarding mascaras! I start looking for an eye shadow at the store and always find myself buying a mascara instead :/

The latest addition to my collection is the new Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara in Shade 6 Black.

Catalina Geo Lash Power Volumizing Mascara

My genes are really stingy when it comes to hair thickness, so I’m all nuts about anything that says “Volumizing” – be it mascara or shampoo or any other hair products.


  • 3D Volumizing Mascara
  • Long lasting 12-hour maintenance
  • Detailed long lash look
  • Smudge free and easily cleansable


Love love LOVE the sexy golden and black packaging! Looks so chic and classy ❤ The outer box packaging is also golden but matte.

I also love the wand, it’s neither too long nor too short. The end is also a bit tapered which makes it easy to get the product onto the tiny lashes in the inner corner of the eyes.


The bristles are tightly packed and hence loads the product onto the lashes in one swipe. The product does volumize the lashes but I find the mascara more lengthening than volumizing. The wand also helps in curling the lashes to an extent. The product dries extremely quick, this is definitely the quickest drying mascara I have ever used. So you have to be quick and precise when you apply it, the slightest cake on your lash can make it look clumpy once dried. Also the product inside could dry up easily if you keep it open for too long. I tend to go three coats on my regular mascara, but you can’t go more than two on this as it starts to make it look clumpy.

The good news is, it doesn’t smudge one bit no matter how long you wear it and it’s so easy to remove. Just a gentle cleanser or even oil and the product comes off your lashes like a dream, without ripping your lashes and leaving no black mess which happens with some drug store mascaras.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the product. This is not the best mascara I have used, but great for everyday use, especially to work when I wanna be out the door in two minutes. The only thing I don’t like about it is how it makes my lashes appear a bit messy compared to my other mascaras which make my lashes look a bit tamed. Otherwise this is a great buy. Make sure you check this brand out when you’re in Korea.

Unfortunately this product is not available for purchase online yet, but I’ll update this post as soon as it’s up for sale online.

Have a wonderful Tuesday ahead love!







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  1. Loved reading this! Please check out my new post.

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    1. Thank you hun! I sure will 🙂


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