Gentle cleansing with Enzymes: Thelavicos

I’m usually very choosy when it comes to face wash and cleansers as I have dry to normal combination skin, more towards dry and not all of them work well on my skin. Foam based ones dries out my skin and cream-based ones make my T-zone too oily. Yet I want my face wash to be gentle and still remove all of the makeup and grease. So yes, I’m a pretty tough customer to please!

I have lately been trying the Thelavicos One-Step Deep Cleansing Enzyme Clear Foam. Thelavicos is a Korean beauty brand who is relatively new to the market.

Thelavicos Enzyme Clear Foam


Deep Cleansing effect with fine bubbles

Makes your skin softer and brighter

Removes sebum and dead skin cells without irritation

Thelavicos Enzyme Clear Foam

The product comes in a white tube packaging with a flip top cap.

The ingredients are all written in Korean unfortunately, but some research helped me realize the main ingredient is aloe vera gel which is visible in the consistency of the product.



Thelavicos Enzyme Clear Foam

One of the main highlights of this face wash is the Enzymes it comes with.

Enzymes are great for gentle exfoliation of the skin as it removes the top most layer of the skin thus pushing away the dead skin cells and keratin which in turn makes your skin smooth and brighter. They’re great alternatives to facial scrubs for people who think regular scrubs are too abrasive.

The only thing I was worried about this cleanser was the foaming action. Thankfully it doesn’t foam a lot, and doesn’t make the skin too dry. The gel slides on the skin and with the tiniest bit of water the tiny bubbles remove every bit of dirt and makeup on the skin. However I still love to do my double cleansing, so I follow this up with a creamy cleanser to restore the moisture back.

I did not notice any brightening effects in the two weeks I’ve used it, but this is definitely a great cleanser if you’re looking for something gentle yet effective. My skin is absolutely pleased with it:)

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts in the comments ❤

Much Love,



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