All Natural Cleansers: Carol Priest

I have fallen in love with cream cleansers ever since I tried one. Cleansing is the most important part of my daily skincare regime. I have mentioned about the double cleansing method I follow in one of my previous posts, which has worked wonders on my skin!

Believe it or not, how your skin looks throughout the day can depend a lot on how you cleanse your skin. So choosing the right cleansers for your skin type is very important which is why Carol Priest has cleansing options for just everyone! Dry skin, oily, combination, normal, sensitive or even confused skin (like mine) – They’ve got you covered babe!!

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Carol Priest Cleansers

Carol Priest Cosmetics are freshly prepared in small batches. I will be reviewing their entire range of cleansers which also includes a facial scrub and a clay mask as they are key to a well cleansed skin. It’s so easy to gauge cleansers- you know immediately if you like them or not unlike other skincare products where you have use at least for a couple of weeks to see how it works.

The first thing I noticed about Carol Priest products is the beautiful frosted glass bottle/jars they come in. It’s quite sturdy and makes it perfect for clumsy hands like mine.

Orangeflower Cleansing Milk:

Orangeflower Cleansing Milk

This is a very light lotion, but not too runny like usual cleansing milk. Smells nice and citrusy and contains essential oils of sweet orange flower, bitter orange and lemon known for their astringent and tonifying properties.

It removes everyday makeup but I found it a bit too light for waterproof makeup. It’s great for cleansing in the morning, especially for girls like me who slam on facial oils every night. The directions for use says “Remove with a warm damp face cloth” but I don’t like how face cloths drag and stretch the skin. So I just follow up with my face wash to get rid of any residue. It has not irritated my skin in any way, but has helped calm down my skin.

Lavender & Active Manuka Honey Cleansing Cream:

Lavender & Active Manuka Honey Cleansing Cream

This is a thick cream cleanser, the consistency reminds me of thick yogurt. It goes thick when you scoop and apply onto dry skin but then melts into a much thinner consistency when you massage it onto your face with a few drops of water.


See how pretty the glass jar is! I can’t stop admiring, and totally recyclable too 🙂 This jar is a bit bigger compared to the other products in the line as it comes with 100g of product.

It removes every speck of makeup with just a few strokes of massage – even waterproof mascara! This is a completely rinsable cleanser, so you can just splash water afterwards like a face wash. I love Manuka honey in skincare products! Smells amazing and leaves the skin super soft to the touch! This is becoming my cleansing favorite because of how comforting it is on my skin ❤ Highly recommend it!

Blue Chamomile Facial Wash Cream:

Blue Chamomile Facial Wash Cream

If I were ever to get lazy to skip my second cleansing, this would be the product I go to! Removes dirt, grime and makeup like it has some magic in it!! I usually wet my face before I apply it and this wonder of a cleanser glides on the face like butter to work it’s charm.



It looks creamy and mild, but this is indeed a heavy duty cleanser that won’t spare the last bit of nasty gunk hiding in your face! It’s also super easy to wash off and doesn’t leave any sort of oily film on the skin. The only thing that’s left is very clean, supple skin! It’s very similar to the lavender cleansing cream, but much more heavy duty. This product has definitely made it to my cant-live-without list!

Green Clay Mask with Herbal Oils:

Green Clay Mask

Here’s a face mask that doesn’t quite look like one. If you didn’t see the label you probably would mistake it for another cream cleanser. This is a purifying and stimulating mask containing Green Clay (which is the finest clay and is great for the skin) and essential oils to refresh and tone the skin.


The product applies like a cream on the face and you would not expect it to dry like regular masks because you know, it’s cream! But you’re wrong – it dries after a few minutes, but not the kind of dry that stretches your skin from left to right. I absolutely love the consistency of the product. This is great for all skin types, but my dry-combination skin especially is absolutely loving it as it leaves the skin moisturized and soft. I can definitely see a brighter skin every time I use it.

Almond & Lemon Balm Facial Scrub:

Almond & Lemon Balm Facial Scrub

Exfoliation is extremely important to maintain a glowing supple skin and it is also important not to over exfoliate as it can do more harm than good. Carol Priest Cosmetics have come up with an exceptional quality of facial scrub made from blanched sweet almond meal, herbal oils and lemon balm extract to leave the skin clean and revived.


The blanched sweet almond meal makes the perfect exfoliant for the skin, it’s so gentle yet works so well to remove the dead cells away. You can never over-exfoliate with this product because it’s ever so gentle on your skin. I usually massage it onto wet face for about 3-4 minutes before I wash it off with warm water. What’s left is glowy happy skin!

I am extremely impressed with Carol Priest Cosmetics and their cleansers are just amazing! From the packaging to the consistency to how it feels on the skin – There’s nothing I can complain about. I also love how every product comes with clearly mentioned expiry date, so you’ll know when to stop using the product.


There’s so much thought put into even the tiniest details. I can’t recommend these products enough! the entire range is all natural and is preservatives free. Did I also tell you Carol Priest is from the same owner and creator of Plantae?

Carol Priest Cosmetics can be purchased from their website

Have you tried Carol Priest Cosmetics? Let me know in the comments x

Much love,



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