Ready, set, GLOW! – Rosalena

Skin oils have been my absolute go-to when it comes to moisturizing! I have converted so many friends from using regular cream moisturizers to facial oils and they’re all surprised at the difference it makes. I’m not saying facial creams are bad, you’ll only see how better facial oils are when you use them!

I was recently introduced to Rosalena, a lovely line of facial oils made from pure and natural plant oils. I was sent the lovely Rock & Rose Face oil as well as their Goodness & Tonic Face Toner to test and review.


I was especially excited to try their facial oil, well the facial oil obsessor in me!

Rock & Rose Face Oil: (GBP42 for 15ml)


If it’s not terribly obvious already, I’d like to reiterate that I am obsessed with facial oils! 🙂

I used to hate the smell of roses till I learnt the benefits of rose on your skin. I have been religiously using rose water toners from the past year or so and rose has become my favorite smell when it comes to cosmetics.

Rock & Rose face oil comes in a stunning off white/silver glass bottle packaging with a screw cap dropper which makes it easy to dispense the required amount of product. The oil itself is not too thick nor runny and doesn’t feel too oily on the skin. It smells beautiful, like a bunch of roses and promises to revitalize and brighten your skin with regular use.It comes packed with antioxidants, vitamins and lots of actives. I mean, just look at the ingredients, who wouldn’t wanna try it?

I used this oil for about three weeks. I would cleanse my face, spray some toner and straight with the oil with no serum under. You only need two to three drops to cover your entire face. To be honest it did break me out the first few days but I kept going and the zits disappeared after about a week. I think it was just my skin’s initial reaction or my makeup reacting with the oil? A week later I noticed my skin was much smoother than before. After week 2, I noticed my face was much brighter and there was a subtle glow even with no product on my face. The third week was when the glow really kicked in. My face is so dewy and glowy after using it. Trust me you guys, you should really try this if you’re tired of having dull skin.

I was a bit worried if the oil would make my t-zone a mess as it’s already on the oily side but to my surprise it didn’t make it worse as the oil totally sunk in for the entire day. My cheeks would generally go super dry with the extreme heat in Doha and the air conditioners to make it worse, but my skin feels soo good throughout the day when I have this oil on my face. Rosalena is not just a facial oil, it’s a magic glow potion for me! Can’t recommend it enough.

The only problem I have with the product is the packaging. The screw cap doesn’t work sometimes and becomes difficult to open the bottle, like what happened when I tried to open to click a pic of the dropper.

Tip: Add a drop of this oil to your foundation before you apply and thank me later! Also great to use it with clay masks, but it’s too precious to wash off later!

Goodness & Tonic Face Mist: (GBP18 for 50ml)


This is a alcohol-free face mist to refresh your skin after a shower or post gym. I love to use this as a quick pick-me-up when my skin really needs some spritz during the day. It smells like heaven! I absolutely love the  mild citrusy smell and how it lingers on after use. This is definitely one of the best toners I have ever used.

I’ll let you in a secret – I tried this on my hair as a hair perfume and it works PERFECT! Shh..

Overall I’m super impressed with Rosalena products. If you don’t like the smell of roses, there are four other oils you could try from their face oil range. I tried a tiny sample of their Frank & Sense Oil and savored every last drop of it! If you hate how the Middle Eastern summers make your skin feel, you must definitely give Rosalena a shot and I’m sure your skin will feel and look amazing! What’s more? Rosalena products are free from Parabens, Phthalates, artifical colors and synthetic fragrances – Music to my ears!

Have you tried any products from Rosalena? Let me know x

PS: My readers can get a special 10% off on Rosalena products with the discount code beautyglossips at checkout on their website.

Much love,




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