Kicho Sheep Oil Cream: Review

I fell in love with Kicho products after using their moisturizing sun cream which doubles as a moisturizer and a sun screen. That’s when I received the very pretty looking sheep oil cream which contains Lanolin and 8 berry cream – Exciting!!

Kicho Sheep Oil Cream

The cream comes in a lovely gift pack with a cute bow on top. I love the white and red/orange packaging, so classy yet cute!

Kicho Sheep Oil Cream

The cream is placed in a secure compartment inside the box. This is perfect while traveling as the glass jar is completely protected with walls of cardboard around it.


The product itself comes in a beautiful glass jar with a tin cap which is just perfect! It’s a heavy and sturdy glass jar with neat branding printed on it.


I am completely impressed with the packaging. Personal use or a gift – it’s perfect and is all set to steal your heart! The whole look and feel is very posh and luxurious.


The cream is made from pure lanolin only from New Zealand lamb wools purified with German technology. Lanolin combined with multi-vitamins from eight types of berries provide comprehensive care for the skin: moisturizing, whitening and anti-oxidizing. Soothes irritation, provides moisture, corrects tone and firms skin.

No artificial fragrance, paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, heavy metal contents, steroid, formaldehyde or chemical preservatives.

Natural preservative totarol included in the cream neutralizes the free oxygen radicals to keep the skin healthy and young.

The cream is thick and reminds me of Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Moisturizer that my mom uses. The consistency of the cream told me it’s gonna settle into an oily mess on my skin, but surprisingly the cream is very light and melts into the skin in seconds.


I use this as a day time moisturizer under my makeup and it has worked fairly well without making my skin look to oily, while still providing the moisture it needs throughout the day. It has not broken me out either, so very happy with that. I haven’t noticed a major change in my skin otherwise, but I’m happy this works great on my dry skin – perfect daily moisturizer!

As much as I love the glass jar, the cream contains some precious antioxidants and the jar packaging would only spoil the goodness as the cream gets in contact with air. Other than this, I don’t find anything that I don’t like about the cream.

Overall I have enjoyed using this product! Have you used Kicho products? Let me know x

Much Love,




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