The Kypris Effect!

I generally don’t gush about products on my blog, but occasionally you come across those products you can’t help gushing about! If you have been following my blog, you will know how fussy I am about the products I use.

Recently (well a few months back) Kypris sent me two of their products to be reviewed on my blog – Moonlight Catalyst and 1,000 Roses.


The products come in sturdy glass bottles with droppers so you can dispense just the right amount of product. They both came in a beautiful white box with golden branding and letters which looked posh! Unfortunately the box was out of shape when it reached me, so I had to trash it.

Moonlight Catalyst: (Price: $72)

KYPRIS Moonlight Catalyst

This is a light weight serum/emulsion that glides on the skin upon application. I use about 2-3 drops for my entire face. I then follow it up with the 1,000 roses elixir.Used on it’s own it’s not very drying but I’d prefer to follow it up with some sort of moisturizer. This is intended for night use ONLY and is not to be used during the day.

Moonlight Catalyst has all benefits of retinoid preparations without the nasty peeling/thinning of skin. It’s 100% natural and preserved with essential oils and plant extracts.

I was going through a series of acne bursts when I first started using this. I went through half the bottle and the product won’t cease to amuse me. I noticed a massive difference on my skin – bumps disappeared, dark spots (almost) vanished, skin looked brighter and my skin looked NEW! I couldn’t believe what this single bottle did to my skin. I mean I’ve been using five or six products at once to combat different skin issues and this one product could do all of it at once! I had read somewhere that some brands send “special” samples to bloggers and beauty influencers with added ingredients. I wouldn’t believe anything like that usually but such amazing results made me purchase another bottle – 1. Because I couldn’t stop with the awesomeness of one bottle and 2. I wanted to check for myself if the bottles sold otherwise were any different.

I was surprised to see the same results from my second bottle as well. I wish I had taken before and after pictures to show you what I mean. This is definitely magic! You should definitely try this if your skin is breaking out, dull or lacks radiance. The little bottle with moons and stars will amaze you!

What makes Kypris all the more amazing is, KYPRIS is:


I don’t wanna keep the post too long with the ingredients list as all the information is available on their website if you’re interested to see the specific ingredient list.

I can’t recommend this enough! I wish Kypris would also come up with something like this that can be used during the day 🙂


1,000 Roses (Beauty Elixir I): (Price: $90)

KYPRIS Beauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses

I thought this is is also some sort of emulsion at first. But this is a facial oil that’s again light weight and easy to apply. This compliments the Moonlight Catalyst really well. I initially used it night only, but gradually started using it during the day as well as a moisturizer under my makeup.

It smells like roses and I love it! It’s not overpowering as the smell fades away once the product gets absorbed into the skin.

I take 2 drops onto my finger tips and gently press it onto the skin. It smells and feels luxurious as I apply it on my face. The product gets absorbed fast and doesn’t leave a greasy feel afterwards. I’m glad that it doesn’t irritate my under eye area like some other oils do. You only need 2 drops (3 is too much) for your entire face and in all these months I have gone through only half the bottle. The bottle will easily last you for 5-6 months, so for the price this is totally worth it.

I also love to use a drop of this to my foundation to keep my skin dewy and glowy all day. Or even a drop of it to my foundation brush will do the trick!

My skin tone has become ore even with using these products, but Moonlight Catalyst is definitely my favorite among the two! ❤

Kypris products can be purchased on their website

Have you tried Kypris products? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Much love,





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  1. I wish they were sold here the packaging alone is ✨😍

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