Hong Kong Beauty Haul!

It’s not very often that you see haul posts on Beauty Glossips, eh?

I went on a crazy beauty haul while I was in Hong Kong recently. HK is a heaven for Korean beauty lovers. Korean Skincare is like gold dust in Qatar. It’s next to impossible to find it here, however I’ve seen some selling on Instagram but for extortionate prices. So well, I was like a kid in a candy shop when I saw all those shops that I had only seen in pictures 🙂


Well, these are most of the stuff I bought from Hong Kong/Macau. The rest have mysteriously gone missing in my stash after I unpacked. I shopped in an area called Mongkok where they have outlets of all Korean big names – Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree, Nature Republic, Laneige just a few among them. I was also in Macau during my trip and saw these outlets everywhere I went. The shops are always crowded even when there is no “sale” going on, and ladies hoarding products in their baskets.

I shopped from Etude House, Nature Republic, Sasa (a cosmetic store that sells various brands of skincare and makeup), Miniso and Midio.

Etude House was first in my list as I have heard loads about them and their wonderful products. I have read great reviews about their Moistfull range and I HAD to try them out 🙂 I also bought a mascara from them which I couldn’t find around when I shot the pic.


Etude House had loads of lovely products and the girls were especially going crazy around their lip products. There was such a crowd around their lippies that I couldn’t even peek to swatch them. They also gave me loads of free samples of their products with my purchase which I’m super happy about. You buy $1000 worth stuff from Western brands and they won’t care to give you even a sample sachet! I will try and do a review on these products later. I’m especially loving their foaming cleanser at the moment.

Next up is Sasa!


I didn’t have much time to shop at Sasa but I managed to grab all I could in the five minutes I spent there. I had taken loads of pics of the shop and the street but then I sadly lost my phone in the cab! Sigh!

I had to try Nature Republic’s aloe vera gel after hearing so many good reviews about it and I saw everyone buying 4 and 5 tubs of it at the counter. So I had to take 2 at least not to embarrass myself lol. I also bought the snail gel to see if it’s any good, but sadly snail goo is one of the last ingredients mentioned which means it’s not as good as I thought it is. I tried the Panda mask and I didn’t find it that good to be honest. the aloe gel is meh. I don’t love it nor did I find it bad. It smells lovely though.

I found two shops in Fa Yuen Street in HK where they sold interesting cosmetics and homeware. They were almost identical and were more like dollar stores, slightly more expensive. The first one is called Miniso.


The face cleansing brush is supposed to be a dupe of Clarisonic and to be honest I like it more than my Clarisonic. The bristles are super soft and the sonic vibrations are just like Clarisonic. They also had another one, that looks identical to Clarisonic but I picked this one up as it had softer bristles. The “Cleansing Story” foaming face wash is ah-mazing!! I’m loving it ❤ It was just HKD15 or so and completely worth every penny !! I also bought a small face cleansing brush (the smallest brush in the pic) which works great for cleansing with foaming face wash. The bristles are super soft and cleans the face well.


The second shop is called Midio Korean Supplies. They had a great selection of makeup!  I bought a hair turban (rather a hair band to keep the hair away from the face), eyebrow pencils, concealer and eyebrow shaving tools. The gold collagen concealer is the best I’ve ever used! It conceals my dark circles beautifully and leaves a nice highlighted look around my eyes.

That’s it with my Hong Kong beauty haul! I wanted to buy a lot more but I was running out of luggage space/weight allowance and I had to stop myself from buying more. I know there are some products in the pics I haven’t mentioned anything about. Let me know if you’d like to see reviews of any specific product from these pics and I’ll be happy to review them for you 🙂

I’m headed to India for a week from tomorrow and I’m so excited already 🙂 Have a beautiful week and weekend ahead lovelies ❤ See you with another beauty post soon!

Much love,




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  1. Nice!! Your haul looks amazing! 😀

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  2. Sheismelrose says:

    This a great review can’t wait to see your beauty haul from India.

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    1. Thank you love! Can’t wait to shop 😉

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