River Veda Aromatherapy Range

After trying some lovely skincare products from River Veda, I was really tempted to try their Aromatherapy range. You would think they only have essential oils in the range but they have a wide variety of products from bath and body oils to bath salts to pulse point perfumes to even incense – which is nothing short of AMAZING!!

When the package arrived, I wasn’t home. My husband had left it on the couch. As soon as I got home, I opened the living room door and I could immediately smell the wonderful aroma from the package. Mind you, the package wasn’t even open then. That’s how amazing these products smell!


I was lucky enough to try the entire Aromatherapy range from River Veda!

Aroma Pulse Point Perfumes: (USD21.75 each)


This is probably my favorite products in the range! I am a hard core perfume lover and having lived in the Middle East has only made me an addict to perfumes. I have tried pulse point perfumes from other brands in the past but haven’t really liked them as the smell fades away too soon.

I was pretty impressed with the ones from River Veda. It comes in a very cute roll-on packaging which makes the application very easy. Also, I can carry it in my handbag without having to worry of the liquid spilling.

The pulse point perfumes comes in six different fragrances and all of them smell SOO good you guys!!


Here’s an upclose of the roll-on packaging! I’m always carrying one of these in my handbag these days and I get complimented so much for the smell ❤

Essential Oil Blend: (Prices vary)


These are 100% organic essential oil blends. I love to use them in my diffuser and the fragrance stays for days. You can also use it in your bath or dilute it as a massage oil. The oils come packaged in small plastic bottles and they are available in six different variations.


The smell really uplifts your mood and calms your senses. It’s better experienced than said – Must try! Perfect remedy for the stressful city life ❤

Aromatherapy Bath Salts:


Super luxurious bath salts that smell AH-MAZING!! I know I’ve said all of them smell wonderful and it’s the truth. I can’t really explain how much I love these smells. I had kept it in a corner of my cupboard and you won’t believe it – my clothes picked up the scent and all of them smell so nice!! So you could also double it as a wardrobe air freshner haha (Kidding! But you could)

The bath salts come in a cute plastic container. I personally love the Rose Geranium and Honeysuckle one, it smells like a Persian palace as soon as you open the container. Not that I’ve really been to a Persian palace, but you know what I mean 🙂 The peppermint one is a true peppermint smell, pretty strong and lingers on for hours after you use it. Call me crazy, but I love using these as body scrubs as well ❤

Aroma Bath and Body Oil:


Another favorite of mine from the range! I love luxurious massage bath once in a while and these serve perfect for some me-time!!


The bottles are pretty chunky yet sturdy. They come in three different varieties, packed with a ultra soft massage cloth.The oils are organic and cold pressed, so you can be sure they’ve retained all the goodness in tact. Add a few drops to your bath, apply to skin as a luxurious massage experience or massage into skin after bath or shower. This definitely smells and feels luxurious!! Perfect to uplift the body, mind and soul after a tiring day at work ❤

The only down side is that the bottle leakes sometimes :/



I’m crazy for natural and organic bath soap! I had moved to a more shower cream based body cleansing recently as I found most soap bars dried my skin out.

The soap from River Veda is quite chunky and smells luxurious! I love the design of the soap, it had grid like design on top and marble like design on the sides. I’m sorry I can’t find the picture I clicked of the inside of the soap.

Patchouli, orange and almond milk is definitely my favorite among the three. I love how it makes my skin smooth and removes all the dirt without drying my skin out. The only thing I did not like however is that the soap turns into a creamy mess after a few uses, you’ll then have to scoop it out onto your palms to use it which I find a bit gross. Nonetheless this stuff works!!

Incense Sticks + Ceramic Holder: (USD23)


Last but not the least, it’s the incense sticks that has totally WOW-ed me! We use incense sticks at home everyday. I know some people hate the smell of incense, but I am someone who absolutely loves incense sticks, it relaxes and calms my mind!

River Veda’s incense sticks come with a super cute ceramic incense holder:


Each pack comes with 20 incense sticks. Each last for almost an hour and I find half a stick is more than enough for once. So I try and save each stick for two uses. It leaves my house smelling divine!!

LUXURY – is the only word that can truly explain River Veda Aromatherapy range, I have honestly been loving these products from River Veda. I’m sure you’ll love it as well! I would highly recommend that you try it out ❤

You can purchase them on their website. Do check out!

Have you tried River Veda products? Let me know xx


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