KICHO Berry Recipe Essence Toner

As you might already know I’m a massive fan of Kicho Products. I have reviewed their Sun Cream, Sheep Oil Cream and Camelia Sleeping Pack previously and I had fallen in love with those products.

I have recently been trying their Berry Recipe Essence Toner (A spoon of Lanolin & 8 berry).


The toner comes in a long 250ml plastic bottle with a silver twist off cap. Surprisingly the product is white in color while I initially thought the bottle is white till I received the bottle. The outer box looks and feels like recycled paper, but it doesn’t mention anywhere if it is made from recycled material.


The bottle is pretty sturdy and looks very elegant with the brown and pink letters. It looks chic, however I feel I won’t dare travel with it as the bottle is long, heavy and doesn’t come with a stopper.


An essence type toner containing deep ocean water with full of minerals, lanolin and 8 berries to make your skin nourish and moisturize.

A highly enriched essence toner which contains 90% of deep sea water with rich minerals, fresh berry substances, and lanolin. It is able to finish light skin care without making your skin too tight even when you use only the product at a time.

How to use: Gently apply on clean face after washing.

The bottle has a tiny opening on top that dispenses the product.


The toner has a thick consistency, more like a light lotion than a toner – hence a transition between essence and toner as the name says. I don’t really like the smell, it smells like a mix of fruits and cough syrup! But the smell thankfully doesn’t linger on once applied.


The toner claims to moisturize, soothe and nourish the skin. It comes with loads of berry/fruit extracts and beneficial essential oils.

The application is easy as the toner glides on the face without leaving the skin tacky. I love how it completely absorbs to a matte finish. My skin definitely feels soothed and slightly moisturized. I cannot say much about the nourishing claims as it’s not something visible.

The box instructs to apply with a cotton pad on thoroughly cleansed skin, but I like to apply it all over my face and massage it in – Less product wastage and better on the pocket!  I then follow it up with my moisturizer/facial oil. I find my skin not needing a heavy moisturizer after using this as the essence toner in itself is quite moisturizing. I’m sure this would be a one step skincare product for those of you all with very skin. My skin feels very supple and plump after using it, but it did break me out the first few days which is the only thing I did not like about it.

Overall, I am really liking the Kicho Berry Essence Toner and would highly recommend it for all skin types. Kicho has once again impressed me, but I still love their other products over this one.

Have you tried Kicho Cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts xx

Much love,






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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    This berry toner sounds nice however the sheep oil cream caught my attention.


    1. Oh yes, sheep oil cream was amazing xx

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