Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist: Review


I am not a huge fan of toners and don’t believe in them because none of them have ever worked on me and I don’t really find a point in “toning” the skin when you know the double and triple cleansing you do spares no dirt behind while maintaining a balanced pH.

However I do love using spray mists as a quick pick-me-up during the day when my skin starts to look and feel nasty. I have lately been using First Cosmetic Mulbit Vitamin Sparkling Mist, the new Korean product that’s taken my mist game to a whole new level!


The product(s) come in a sparkly blue box that looks ever so sexy! The “Vitamin” tablets come packaged in a separate jar. There’s also a sturdy glass spray bottle with golden cap and golden branding. Both of it sits snug on a plastic pad covered in dark blue velvet. The packaging looks stunning!


Directions to use:


It is also interesting to note that the different colored tablets have different functions:

Green: Anti-wrinkle

Blue: Skin reproduction

Yellow: Skin Whitening

Pink: Skin condition management

You can also mix and match various tablets to get desired skin effect.

The jar in which the tablets come doesn’t let you choose which colors you want as the opening is pretty narrow (Unless you take out a lot of tablets and choose). So I usually take the first two tablets that come out – Pink and Green this time.


The water starts to bubble as soon as the tablets are dropped into the bottle and it’s so much fun watching it melt! I took a video to show you how it works, but WordPress won’t let me share my video on the blog :/ But will I give up? I found a video that shows you exactly how it works.

The smell though – is out of this world!! Smells very expensive and luxurious ❤


The tablets melt in about 5-6 minutes but I would wait longer to close the bottle as the bubbles keep coming for almost half an hour. The spray bit of the bottle is a bummer as it feels very cheap as you spray. It spills liquid all over as it sprays, so I prefer to use another spray bottle in stead of this.


The smell remains for almost a day and disappears. It doesn’t mention anywhere how soon you should finish using up the liquid once prepared, but from the video I know I should use it within 4 days as they haven’t added preservatives in it. I only use a couple of spritz on my face, and I didn’t notice a massive difference on my skin. It’s just like spraying water. But it smells so nice that I love to use it all over my face and hair (yes, hair!) during the day. I get compliments for the smell all the time!

Overall, I did not find any difference in whitening, anti-wrinkle, skin reproduction or condition management after using this mist. I’m quite disappointed with the results, but makes a great pick-me-up on the go. I’m also happy that it contains 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t use preservatives!

Have you tried any product from First Cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts xx

Much love,





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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    Never ever seen a toner like this.This is an awesome idea and look like it does the job have to check it out


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