Organic Manuka Oil Skincare range: Manuka Biotic

I love light weight skincare products, especially when it’s all organic and natural. For my skin type (Dehydrated combination) it is rather a bit tricky to find the perfect consistency as most light weight products dry my skin out and heavier ones break me out!

I have lately been trying the Organic Manuka Oil skincare range from Manuka Biotic.

Manuka Biotic.jpg

All their products come in a light blue packaging and are made with certified organic Manuka oil. Their products are also safe for sensitive and Eczema prone skin.

What’s Manuka Oil?

Organic Manuka Oil has long been valued for its health properties, having been used for centuries by the Maori people of New Zealand. It was this natural wisdom that was passed to Captain Cook on his arrival in New Zealand in 1769 and then used by the early European settlers.

The healing properties of Manuka Oil aid the body in repair and rejuvenation while the antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties work by helping to keep the skin clean and clear of bacteria that can cause skin problems such as acne, spots and other blemishes.

More about it here. You can also watch an interesting video on how Manuka Oil is made!

Light Day Cream:

This is the product I was most excited about in the range. All of their products smell similar – Eucalyptus sort of smell I would say. It is not too strong and fades away in a few minutes after the product is absorbed into the skin.

The day cream is light as the name suggests but heavy enough to moisturize my dehydrated skin. This is the PERFECT consistency for my type of skin. Though light, it takes a good one minute to get completely absorbed into the skin. But once absorbed, there is absolutely no trace of it – it doesn’t feel one bit tacky or greasy. I also love how it holds my makeup throughout the day. I would usually go shiny on my T-zone after 5-6 hours of wearing makeup and I was surprised to see how good my makeup looked after 8 hours with this under my makeup. There was almost no shine and my makeup had not moved all day!

But (there always has to be one! Uggh!!) the cream broke me out. I don’t think it clogged my pores as it’s very light. I’m guessing my skin is allergic to some ingredient in the cream and I can’t figured out which one. I gave it a break for about a week and tried again to give it another chance, but I broke out the second time as well which makes me very sad 😦

Hand Cream:

It smells and feels very similar to the day cream but this is slightly more thicker.

It goes on smooth on the skin and gets absorbed in a few seconds. I expected it to leave a slightly tacky feel like most hand creams do, but it didn’t! It kept my hands soft and nourished throughout the day and the dehydration lines on my hands were completely gone! I also noticed it calmed the comedones on the sides of my hand which I’m super happy about.

Face Cleanser:

The face cleanser is a light gel-type cleanser that foams lightly upon massaging on damp skin. The consistency is not too thick nor too runny.

It has the Eucalyptus-y kinda scent too, but a bit stronger than the cream products. It doesn’t foam a lot but does a good job in cleansing the skin. It doesn’t take off all my makeup on it’s own, so I prefer to use this my second cleanser in the evening. However I love using it as a morning cleanser when I don’t have any makeup/ gunk on my skin and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It also has a slight cooling effect after use.

I have been loving the range and would definitely recommend that you try it! Do check out their website for more products. They also have hair care products in their line and is definitely worth checking out.

All of Manuka Biotic products are free from:

  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & SLES
  • Added fragrances & colouring
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mineral Oils
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Phthalates
  • Animal testing or animal derivatives

Have you tried Manuka Biotic products? Let me know your thoughts!

Much love,






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