Plantae: Berry Bliss Collection Review

Can you believe winter is over so fast!! I just started enjoying the sane temperatures and it’s already over? Back to boiling tap water and burnt aloe plants soon – Oh dear!

Anyway, my skin has decided not to succumb to the fury summer throws on us every year, guess what? We have the solution! My skin has been at it’s absolute best (not even kidding!) since I have tried Plantae Organic Skincare.

My confused dry combo skin has been put on a ruthless yet gentle skincare routine the past few months with the Berry Bliss Collection from Plantae.

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Berry Bliss is a dedicated collection of skincare products from cleanser to toner to eye cream aimed to help dry, flaky skin. Thankfully my skin is not flaky though dry in most parts and as you might already know it sways from giving me slightly oily T-zone to sometimes extremely slick oily T-zone in summers. Spoiler alert – I definitely fell in love with Plantae, all over again!

Pacific Blue Lavender Cream Cleanser:

I don’t have to say this again – I absolutely LUURRVVVEE cream cleansers! I think it is the easiest and gentlest ways to remove makeup and grime off your face. With added shea butter and cold pressed sunflower seed oil, it only adds to the bliss of having a thoroughly cleansed skin. I usually use about 3 pumps of the cleanser and massage it on to my damp face, massaging gently in circular motion and sometimes concentrating more on my eyelids if I’m wearing eye makeup. This cleanser removes all of my makeup effortlessly, leaving my skin conditioned and plump after every wash. I love it that it doesn’t leave a sticky layer of grease like most cream cleansers do and should I say I love the aroma of the cleanser! The best part of using cream cleansers is that I don’t have to run to my skincare stash to tone and moisturize as my skin won’t feel one bit stretchy or dry even minutes after cleansing. A must-try if you are a fan of cream cleansers like me.

Rose Otto Essential Water:

I was never into “toning” till recently when I discovered the magic of roses! Rose Otto essential water is made from Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto and rose water distillate, a process where no harsh chemicals are used. It is also anti-inflammatory and has astringent and calming properties, which means it is extremely gentle and safe even on sensitive or acne-prone skin. I went through a series of non-stop break outs a few weeks back and Rose Otto toner has been a key player in calming my skin down. I noticed it also gives the skin a beautiful glow, like you have some sort of highlighter on your face even when you’re not wearing any makeup. It smells amazing, like a bouquet of red roses and the smells lingers on for a few minutes after application. The spray on the bottle gives you the perfect spritz, doesn’t spit water out like some toner bottles which drives me crazy! Sometimes companies only care for the product or the packaging and rarely do we see products with the perfect packaging. I’m pleased to know that Plantae has got everything covered, even the minute details.

Pomegranate Fruit Rich Day Cream:

I’m super fuzzy with day creams as it is soo hard to find something that works for my skin. The consistency of this cream is on the thicker side, though it is called a ‘cream’ it is somewhere between a cream and a lotion which is perfect to be worn under makeup. It smells beautiful, but the smell disappears soon after you apply it. The cream is packed with anti-oxidants and essential oils and I love it that Plantae chose to pack it in a pump packaging which keeps the contents air tight. The product takes a bit to get absorbed into the skin, but leaves just the perfect amount of moisture for the makeup to go on. I have been loving this, mu skin feels and looks plump all day! My husband tried this as well, he has normal to oily skin and it breaks him out like mad, so if you have oily skin you might probably steer clear of this as it may be a bit too heavy for your skin. Dry skinned beauties – Run now and get this like right now! You’re gonna love this ❤ I only wish it came with some SPF!

Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream:

This is pretty similar to the day cream in consistency, this one runs a tad thicker than the day cream and is slightly more greasy. That being said, it does not leave the skin greasy, but takes a little longer to get absorbed into my skin. You only need a tiny amount of product for your entire face and neck as a little goes a long way with this product. Again, this cream is rich in anti-oxidants and contains Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry and Organic Rosehip fruit to promote cell renewal and tissue repair. Unfortunately this did not work for my skin. My skin produces more oil at night for some reason, so it mixes with the cream (I assume) and it breaks me out unfortunately. I noticed that my face is much more oily in the morning when I wake up, which is probably clogging my pores. I tried this cream in three separate occasions and it broke me out all three times, so I had to give up trying. I think I would go back to using lighter night creams as that’s what my skin seems to prefer. However please note this is only how my skin feels about it. I’d highly recommend testing a sample if you can before you purchase the full size.

Avocado Pear Eye Contour Cream:

Honestly, I never thought of using an eye cream as I never had fine lines or wrinkles around my eyes till a year ago. I started noticing fine lines under my eyes towards end of last year and I was literally panicking! I bought a bunch of eye creams and none of them really worked for me. But girl, this eye cream definitely surprised me! I have been consistent with this cream since the day I got it and I can very clearly see a difference in my fine lines. It has not completely gotten rid of all of them, but almost 70% of my fine lines have disappeared since I started using this. My dark circles also look a lot better with this cream, this is definitely a skincare staple! I wish I had taken before and after pics, but I honestly did not expect such a massive difference when I started using it. If you’re over 30, you MUST get your hands on this asap!! You can thank me later 🙂

Rosehip Fruit+Seed Serum:

Now the best for the last – Rosehip Fruit+Seed Serum! I had already raved about it in my previous Plantae post, but let me tell you this is a toal GEM from Plantae and without a doubt my FAVE!! Though it’s called a ‘Serum’, it’s actually a facial oil that’s very light weight. It gets absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer and gives you the goddess glow all day/night long. I like to use it at night before bed and I wake up to this amazing soft, supple skin. I really can’t describe how much I love it and what a difference it has made to my skin. The best thing about this serum is that it’s so versatile – You could use it as a night oil, a drop of this in your foundation gives you the ultimate goddess glow, you can even use it on cream contours for easier/even application! Over the past two months, this oil has completely erased some of my acne scars and smoothed out the texture areas – You know those tiny bumps on forehead that won’t grow into a pimple, but just sits there for years annoying the heck out of you?!! (Comodones they’re called I learnt). I’m so happy 90% of my comodones are now gone from my forehead. My makeup slides on so much easier since I have a more even face now! No break outs, no fuss – this is Amruth in a bottle!! (Amruth is a legendary nectar, food of the Gods that gives you eternal life – contact me if you need more Hindu lecture! 😛 )

I feel Plantae Skincare products are so underrated and why Instagram and YouTube don’t talk enough about this wonder of a brand! If you have dry skin, you will love the Berry Bliss Range!! I have linked all the products to their website page where you can see more about the ingredients and prices. Let me know your thoughts!

Much love,




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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    So many skincare goodies the cream cleanser sounds the best for me

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    1. The cream cleanser is absolute bliss!! I’m loving cream cleansers as a first step cleanser these days ❤

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